Promotional Product Trends To Look Out For


Company merchandise and promotional items are taking in new trends. There is more thought and planning put in to the items that are given out at functions or even in retail stores. There are more useful items being put out there while giving more thought to the user as well. With the development of technology and the variety of items being put in to the market, organisations now have quite a selection to look forward to when it comes to their corporate gifts. The selection it seems knows no bounds, from clothing items to daily usable items such as drink ware and everything in between. It is a dynamic time for organisations and the trick seems to be selecting items that best resemble their brand. So let’s look at some of the popular trends for this season.

Product quality and brand recognition

People value products that have great quality. This is same for the wide range of retail products that are out there in the market. Social media too has paved the way for more people to recognize these brands and associate themselves with it. They know the quality and what to expect. Similarly organisations also opt to associate with such retail products for their own branding and promotional material. But in doing so they need to match the quality if not people will not be attracted by them. For an example: if you are giving out flasks that keep drinks hot or cold, make sure that they are quality products that actually do the job. Giving a substandard promotional item will only reflect badly on your own brand. Therefore one thing to remember is that customers are attracted to these items by their design, quality and performance, therefore anything less will not do.

Millennials are making decisions

Buying power has shifted over the last couple of years, with younger influencers taking the front seat. They crave for more unique, innovative and above all useful products. Most of these young individuals are now the managers and decision makers at organizations and the more buying power is also with them. Therefore you will see a shift in what type of products are put out there and how promotional merchandise is designed. Since these millennials know their market they are likely to select and distribute promotional products such as wholesale flash drives, which are useful, trendy and unique.

Value addition

Lifestyles are changing, and people are doing away with items that clutter their space and do not add any value. Therefore if your organization is giving out promotional gifts, then you need to make sure that they are useful and are of high quality. Therefore the recipient needs to be the main focus when designing what to give out. Gift bundles as opposed to one item are also proving popular because of this.

These are some of the most important trends to look out for in the coming years, and are likely to influence and impact the effectiveness of your promotions.

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