Decorate The Patio You’ve Always Wanted


The perfect place to relax and let out all your worries for the day would be home, which is why we call it home sweet home. But being close to nature and being able to feel that touch of mother nature also works as a relaxing pill on its own, connecting both and having your own quite thinking place would be ideal if you had a patio wouldn’t it?  Have you got the perfect space for a patio, yet you have no idea how to set it to get that patio you’ve always dreamed of? Here are a few suggestions to get that patio you’ve wanted;

The look
There are different themes for which you could design your designer outdoor furniture Brisbane, one would be following an urban getaway theme with an outdoor kitchen and a roof of Brooklyn brownstone or a modern look where the master bedroom and family room are open onto an outdoor seating area or my favorite, the all-natural look with an antique porch swing.

Furniture and center pieces
 Get your furniture settings, center pieces and other decorations to compliment nature and its serenity that is offered when following the all-natural look. This not only looks great but also enhances the relaxing atmosphere. Using stone tables and chairs, a natural fireplace or a fire bowl to warm things up in the night, wooden coasters, or may be even an adjustable candle lit chandelier are a few suggestions. To spice things up you could also use bright cushions to be placed on those wicker chairs you’ve got lying around.

The background  
Having large shady trees to beat the heat in summer, or sweet smelling lavenders grown could also compliment the look you are going for, enhancing mother nature and her gifts that are offered. However you could also add in a little extra touch to go hand in hand. Setting up a fountain in the middle to cool things down, or a little pond made with fish are a few other options. Another suggestion would be to have fig ivy covered walls to enhance this look.

The colors you choose to decorate your furniture and how it complements the theme you’ve chosen, too needs to be considered. Whether going bright and all out is the best or sticking to the earthy colors of green and brown is better.

Of course you could use a simple light outside just like any other part of the house, but setting up something interesting to build the mood would be phenomenal.  Using fairy lights spread on the tree branches or lanterns to create that dramatic effect, are a few suggestions on how you could create the perfect mood lighting. Whatever theme you choose, make sure to create that comfortable and homely atmosphere where you could hang out with friends or family and have a good time and also come to take a break and retreat to a quite thinking place and relax.

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